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How To Survive
High School Class Reunion

...as seen on KATU's AM/Northwest featuring Debra Finegan, President, Classic Reunions, Inc.

Reunion Planning:

Many committees do not know what to look for when seeking a professional Reunion Manager.

Classic Reunions, Inc. would like to offer some guidelines for you to consider.


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Upcoming Reunions:

8/7/2015 '65
8/14/2015 Wilson High School '65
8/22/2015 Beaverton High School '65
8/22/2015 Grant_High School '65

Services Provided:

Research & Database Management
Reunion Financing
Announcements & Invitations
Reunion Website
Online Committee Reports
Committee Resource Center
Facility Booking & Catering
Individual & Broadcast Emails
Broadcast Phone Messaging
Class Photo/Photo DVD
Photo Memory Book & Directory
Photo Name Tags
Reunion Night Staffing
Professional Staff Support

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